Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sightseeing in WA

Do you know how beautiful the coasts and hills are in Western Australia? In the Metro, as they call it. We have had the privilege of doing some sightseeing in the Perth area, and really appreciated the sights, as well as the people who took time out of their busy schedule to show us around.

Overlooking Perth from Kings Park: the Narrows Bridge is a freeway crossing over the Swan River

The War Memorial in Kings Park in Perth

Kings Park is the most popular visitor destination in WA. It is a beautiful park with botanical gardens, natural bushland, lovely walkways, and amazing views overlooking the Perth area.

Sightseeing with Jim and Meta Vanderplas

Meta and Teny walking in John Forrest National Park east of Perth

These used to be called blackboys but are now called grass trees

Meta and Teny walking along Cottesloe Beach near Fremantle

Cottesloe Beach is a popular spot for surfing

Rockingham Beach

The Round House was built by convicts in the 1830's and was a prison with 8 small cells, each of which had up to 5 prisoners at one time. It is the oldest building in WA.

Going out sightseeing with Ettie Pleiter

Mundaring Weir - a dam from where a huge pipe transports water inland

Lots of kangaroos in WA - this picture is for our granddaughter Mya

We stayed in Terpstra's apartment in Armadale while in WA

Our wonderful hosts, Alwyn and Anne Terpstra

Winding down with Alwyn after a meeting

Their 2 youngest daughters, Tanya and Melissa, still live at home.

Supper with Richard and Petrie Heerema - We met them at Convocation last September.
Both Richard Heerema and Jim Vanderplas (earlier, above) are members of the 
Deputies for Theological Education. 

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  1. Nice to see that you looking well! Beautiful scenery - and so different from Canada! Thanks for taking time to share!