Friday, May 23, 2014

Sightseeing in Albany

Everyone told us how beautiful the Albany area is, so we were looking forward to doing some sightseeing there. We have shown pictures of the places where Jerry did his presentations both in Albany and in Busselton, but now we should pick a few pictures of the beauty of God's creation in southwestern Australia. Indeed, it was beautiful there! We went out every opportunity we had to visit the coast and beaches, so we will let you have a glimpse of the places we saw.

 View from Mount Clarence in Albany overlooking Princess Royal Harbour

 Teny and Gerda walking along Ocean Beach, south of Denmark

Jack and Teresa VanDuyn took us 4-wheel driving through the woods and dunes of West Cape Howe, close to Albany. We had a marvellous day. The weather was beautiful. Thank you, Jack and Teresa!

We met some fisherman on the shore fishing for salmon, but since 
salmon season was just over, they didn't catch anything.

Climbing gingerly around huge rocks at West Cape Howe to get to the beach

You just don't tire of watching the waves dash over the rocks. Majestic!

Lots of pretty shells and and a variety of rocks on the shore

Yes, that is Jack's truck parked on top of the rock! At one point we couldn't get up a hill, so Jack had to let some air out of the tires of his truck, and then we got up.

Another gorgeous spot!

 Enjoying a picnic lunch on the rocks with Jack and Teresa

After driving along this beach, we stopped at the parking lot to put air back in the tires.

Beautiful white sand! Notice the orange rocks and roads. 

How majestic is God's creation! Psalm 8


  1. WOW!
    Beautiful images of a breath-taking creation. Inspiring. (jb)

  2. What AWESOME scenery! How did those huge rocks get piled upon each other? Only by the hand of an strong creator! Thanks for the update!