Friday, June 27, 2014

Thank You and Farewell

We have come to the end of blogging about our trip.

The trip was excellent - especially, I think, for promoting the work of the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary. And it was wonderful for my wife and me to witness what's all happening in the various churches and mission posts. Who are we but witnesses to the mighty work of the Holy Spirit?

We want to thank all those who hosted us, made sure we were well taken care of in their corner of the world, and made our trip so enjoyable.
  • Sjaak and Cheree Van Laar, of Cairns, Aus
  • Ian and Nadia Wildeboer, of Lae, PNG
  • Henry and Rita Versteeg, of Port Moresby, PNG
  • John and Rose Heys, of Launceston, Aus
  • Alwyn and Anne Terpstra, of Armadale, Aus
  • Hank and Gerda Olde, of Albany, Aus
  • Hendrik and Kristen Alkema, of Albany, Aus
  • Ted and Cathy Van Spronsen, of Busselton, Aus
  • Ed and Femmy Dethan, of Timor, Indonesia
We also want to thank others who went out of their way to make our trip pleasurable (sightseeing, visiting, meals, golfing, shopping, etc).  We have experienced Christian hospitality in abundance wherever we went.

We also want to thank those who contributed to the cost of our trip, making it all possible:
  • Deputies for Theological Education, Australia
  • Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary
  • Smithville Mission Board
  • Toronto Mission Board
  • Armadale Mission Board
We thank you for following us. We'll be leaving the blog up for a while. All the posts, 42 in all, are still there...just click on "Older Posts" on the bottom of the screen. Enjoy. And do continue to pray for the work of all those whom you've seen hereby, also those at the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary (

Gerhard and Teny Visscher

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  1. Many thanks for all the posts! It was interesting and enjoyable to follow along (my favourites were the PNG ones). Thank you too for coming Down Under, your presentations and sermons. May God bless your work that you take up again at the Seminary. Kind regards, Paul & Lisa Byl