Monday, June 2, 2014

You know you are in Australia when....

You know you are in Australia when:

  • Everyone around you speaks with an accent.  
  • Everyone is a "mate" (friend). 
  • You call a guy a "bloke" 
  • You get asked: How're ya goin? meaning: How are you doing? 
  • The most common answer to a comment is: No worries. 
  • You drive on the left side of the road. 
  • There are more roundabouts than traffic lights. 
  • There are few traffic signs and speed limit signs. 
  • You can go 100 km /hr on a country road. 
  • You can get a speeding ticket for going 3 km over the limit. 
  • You "hire" a car. 
  • You fill a car with petro. 
  • They "coal" you for supper. 
  • A "wok" is what you do when you sightsee. 
  • You are the only one that sings: The law of God. Everyone else sings: The low of Goad. 
  • You take "lollies" to church - that is what they call candies.  
  • You get served instant coffee. 
  • A cup of coffee at a restaurant costs $5.00. 
  • Groceries are double the price of groceries in ON. 
  • Minimum wage is about $17.00 an hour. 
  • When you ask to use the washroom, they show you the laundry room. Ask for the toilet or loo instead. 
  • You "shift" into a new house rather than move. 
  • You leave your shoes on inside the house. 
  • You never see snow. 
  • You never have a snow day. 
  • Children wear complete uniforms to school. 
  • School lockers are outside.
  • You have a "heap" of books. 
  • You can get all 4 seasons in one day. 
  • A southerly wind is cold!
  • By 6 pm it is dark. Strange feeling when it is warm out. 
  • Houses do not have central heating or AC. Bathrooms are cold in the winter. 
  • A guy wears a jumper (a sweater), 
  • You have a "mobile" instead of  a cell phone. 
  • You ring a friend rather than phone him.  
  • Cars do not get rusty. 
  • Paved roads do not get cracks and holes from frost. 
  • You could hit a kangaroo with a golf ball on the golf course.


  1. Pedestrians must give right of way to cars .

  2. We wear 'thongs' or 'jandals' on our feet! lol
    And we wouldn't want to live anywhere else!! Nicely written - sounds like you had a great time.

  3. Dad! Did you hit a kangaroo while golfing?! We told you to make memories but.... :)

    1. Operative word is "could"... Often had to aim for them because there were so many, but ... If my shot always went where I aimed it....

  4. We have loved reading about your adventures down under! And yes, isn't it funny, that we all speak the same language yet so many words have very different meanings. When teaching at Timothy, we often wore confused looks while listening to our principal lead a staff meeting :o)

  5. "You can get a speeding ticket for going 3 km over the limit" … did experience teach you that one? :)

  6. That's a great list, had a good chuckle reading it! I might copy it, reverse it and put it on my blog about what it's like to be an Aussie living in Canada ;-) There's more - in Australia a boulevard is a 'verge' (and you can park on it!), sidewalks are called 'foot-paths', sunglasses are 'sunnies,' a touke is a 'beanie', a sausage is a 'snagga,' bi-weekly is 'fortnightly' etc etc! Glad you got to spend some time with my parents too (Jim & Meta).

  7. I had a good chuckle when I was reading the list, but as Laurence commented, there are many more: you don't come for supper, but you come for tea :) That's just one more example :) Well it's good to see that you are safely back with your loved ones and the church community. We are thankful that the Lord made it possible for you both to make this trip. Is was a blessing to have you here! love from our family to you