Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Speeches in WA

On Monday evening, May 5, we arrived safely in Perth, where Mark Hoogerdijk picked us up from the airport and brought us to Alwyn and Anne Terpstra's house in Armadale. We are privileged to stay in the flat behind their house. A lovely spot with a stocked fridge and cupboard, as well as a car to use during our 3-week stay in WA. Thank you!

On Tuesday morning Jerry gave a Powerpoint presentation of the Theological Seminary to the students of John Calvin College, after which the principal, Alwyn Terpstra, gave us a tour of the school. About 350 students, in grades 7-12, attend.

The assembly was held in Armadale Church

Encouraging young men to consider studying for the ministry!

A Powerpoint presentation on Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Southern River Church 
on Thursday evening

A Prezi presentation on Romans - Living By Grace in Kelmscott Church on Friday evening

Jim Vanderplas led Friday evening's meeting

Jerry preached in Baldivis Church on Sunday morning. Lovely new building!

 A social time with Stephen and Dorinda 't Hart (pastor of Baldivis) 
and Dirk and Amanda Poppe (pastor of Southern River)

In the week we have been in WA, Jerry has been busy with speaking, preaching, and attending meetings. He spoke to the high school students one morning, gave speeches on 2 evenings, met with the Australian Deputies for Theological Education, met with future seminary students, met with a group interested in starting a Christian Counseling Center here, and of course, he preached twice on Sunday. Besides this we have met a great number of wonderful people, some of whom had us over for coffee, or for dinner, or out sightseeing. We have so enjoyed meeting the people here, some of whom have connections in Canada from our friends and acquaintances. "Dutch bingo" is alive and well in Australia too! We feel very welcome here, and being one in faith makes all the difference.

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