Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sightseeing from Albany to Busselton

From Albany we returned to Armadale via Augusta and Busselton. Here are some pictures of the spots we saw, including some more from Albany. So many spectacular beaches, coasts, rocks, and forests!

Little Beach, close to Albany - a little piece of paradise!

The Alkema children loved walking through the beautiful sand at Little Beach

Huge red tingle trees at Walpole

Many red tingle trees are hollow because of forest fires.

The Giant Tingle Tree is the largest known eucalypt in the world

William Bay: the weather was too cool for swimming, since it is autumn, though the water stays about the same temperature all year. Always be aware of sharks when swimming!

 Salmon Holes: a famous spot for fishing for salmon from the shore

 The Gap: an impressive rugged granite channel carved by the waves of 
the Southern Ocean, forming a sheer drop of almost 25 metres - in Albany.

Standing on top of the rocks at the Gap

The lower rocks near the ocean by the Gap

 Gnarabup Lookout: the Indian Ocean along the west coast of Australia

 The Canal Rocks were amazing!

 Watching the waves dash against the rocks at Canal Rocks

 The Canal Rocks from a different spot

 Cape Leeuwin south of Augusta is the most southern tip of southwestern Australia. 
It is the place where two oceans meet, the Southern Ocean and the Indian Ocean. 
This lighthouse was used for 100 years to warn ships of the many rocks near the shore.

 Cape Naturaliste is the northern tip of southwestern Australia. 
This is a great spot for whale watching, but that won't be till September.

 Jerry, Cathy, and Ted walking at Cape Naturaliste

 Geographe Bay: in the distance you can see the famous Busselton Jetty, 
almost 2 km long

Beautiful Norfolk Island pines by the Busselton Jetty


  1. Wow, so beautiful & majestic!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These pictures are great, almost the exact same trek we did this past Jan. Cool to see.