Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fun times with friends in WA

We have so appreciated the hospitality many people showed us during our stay in WA.
Here are a few pictures of some fun times we had with new and renewed acquaintances.
Great memories!

 Jerry and Hank Olde's discussion at the round table

The other side of the grape vine always looks greener

Kristen Alkema with her children Avery, George, Judah, and baby Emily

 A special greeting from Elsina Ten Haaf

A Supper where only Canadians were welcome: Dave and Lydia Winkel, 
and Ted, Cathy, Jessica, and Zoe VanSpronsen

 Joyce VanDuyn with her boys Ryan and Elijah

A special time with Alwyn and Anne Terpstra and Arthur and Hilda Kleyn.
Many thanks to them for hospitality and generosity.


  1. Elsina tenhaaf? I was friends with elsina tenhaaf many years ago before I was married!

  2. So nice to see a picture of Joyce and her boys.

  3. How wonderful to see so many familiar faces "down under". Love the photo of Joyce and her boys!